Roach Control

Protect your reputation with effective roach control

Commercial Roach Elimination

Especially if your business is food-related, there’s probably no worse pest than roaches. First, customers see a roach at their table, and their meal gets comped. Then, too many Yelp reviews talking about roaches, and it could well mean the end of your business. If a health inspector sees too many roaches, your health rating takes a huge hit. Actually, there’s good reason to be concerned.

Roaches carry several disease pathogens that are linked to food-poisoning such as staph, strep, E-coli and others – and they get into everything. They live in groups and will eat just about anything. Start your roach prevention program by carefully monitoring items that are brought into your business and by training employees to keep the premises clean and sanitary. Then call Ark to complete the roach elimination process.

Treatment Steps

At Ark Pest Control & Prevention, we take several steps to insure that you remain roach-free:

  1. Inspection of the property.
  2. Identification of problems or conditions conducive to future pest problems.
  3. Outside – Treat perimeter with a 2 – 3  foot radius, providing a barrier to prevent pests from entering the business.
  4. Inside – Products only placed in areas that will best serve in reducing or eliminating pests from your business.
  5. Recommendation and Education – Technicians will give clients recommendations if they find a condition conducive to pest problems, i.e. “harboring areas.”
  6. Additionally, technicians will notify clients about any pests that are present, and what to expect and look for after treatment.