Flea Control

Eliminate fleas to protect the health of guests and employees

Fleas are seeking you out

When you think of fleas, you probably think about dogs, cats and other pets. However, fleas simply seek out a source of blood, whether it’s from your pet or you. Not only can flea bites itch, but also they’re well known to cause all sorts of diseases in humans.

Hotels, condos and apartment buildings are at risk

When fleas are found in a community setting such as condo developments, apartments or hotels, employees must be able to identify these pests to help curb the spread. Especially now that more hotels are becoming ‘pet friendly,’ identification, prevention and control are crucial.

Eliminate fleas properly the first time

What makes fleas so potentially dangerous is that they are extremely difficult to get rid of. They can hide in a variety of places, from carpets, to bedding, clothing, furniture, as well as on pets. When treating fleas, they can quickly come back if not treated in their entirety, which is why it’s best to get them professionally treated. 

Keep your employees and guests safe and comfortable. Contact Ark Pest Control & Prevention to develop a complete flea-control program for your business.

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