Duct Cleaning

Breathing is easy when HVAC ducts are clean

Residential Duct Cleaning

Unless they’re cleaned regularly, you probably have no idea what’s in your home’s air ducts. From dust to bacteria to rodent droppings and insects, the air in your home could be flowing over these hazards before it’s ventilated to your home’s interior.

Dirty ducts spread germs

It’s not unusual to have certain amounts of dirt, dust and dander in your ventilation ducts, but when they’re circulating into the air you breathe, air quality is reduced which could lead to allergies and other illnesses. If your ducts are damp from leaks and condensation, you could be growing mold and mildew in them, making the air quality worse if not dangerous.

Dirty ducts reduce HVAC efficiency

Not only do these contaminants affect your family, they can affect the HVAC system itself. Dirty or clogged duct work makes your HVAC work harder to heat and cool your home. And when your HVAC is working harder, your utility bill goes up.

Benefits of cleaning ducts

Keep your family healthy and your utility bill reasonable. With Ark’s residential duct cleaning service, you will:

  • Reduce dust, dirt, bacteria and fungus in the air you breathe
  • Improve HVAC efficiency, possibly reducing utility costs
  • Lessen exposure to allergens and pathogens
  • Improve air quality for asthmatics and persons with respiratory illness