European Hornet

Vespa Crabro

Also known as the giant hornet, the European hornet is found in the US from the northeastern states to the Dakotas and south to Florida. They typically nest in a cavity such as a hollow tree or wall void, and they often create high up nests, at least 6 feet above ground. 

Nests are usually established in the spring and contain 300 or more worker by September or October. They will forage at night, and although they will sting if disturbed, they are not normally aggressive.

The sting of the hornet is extremely painful, and these hornets will also cause damage to various trees and shrubs.

European Hornet Prevention

It is advised that homeowners seek professional help with the elimination of hornets, and that wall entrances to nests are not plugged, as they may chew through the interior wall to escape.

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