Brown Recluse

Loxosceles Reclusa

The brown recluse spider is a species of spider that makes irregular webs and can be found in a variety of undisturbed locations, such as woodpiles, sheds, closets, bets, garages, cellars, shoes, dresser, and bed sheets. They will often inhabit cardboard, as it mimics the rotting tree bark that they are known to inhabit naturally.

They will leave their nest to hunt at night, most human contact comes form the disturbance of their space, causing them to feel threatened.

They lay eggs from May to July, and they mature in a year. This spider is extremely venomous, and can be especially threatening to children and the elderly.

It is recommended that protective gloves are worn when moving items that have been stored for long periods of time, and caution is used before putting hands or feet in and area around visible spider webs. It is also recommended to avoid keeping clothing on the floor.

Brown Recluse Prevention

Prevention of this spider includes the sealing of ground-level entrances that this spider can use to enter homes.

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